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FAST Mission

To provide assistance & support to flight crew members involved in a critical incident as well as their immediate families.

FAST Services

  • Services to assist affected flight crew, as well as immediate family members and flight programs, are provided at ZERO cost 

  • A deployable, trained peer support team that comprises active flight crew members from various US regions

  • Confidential communication/support services available for both short/and long-term

  • Collaborative partnership with public safety aviation programs without affiliation bias/agenda 

  • All information shared with FAST is confidential

If you are a member of a flight crew and feel you need assistance, please don't hesitate to call or text the AIR FAST hotline 24/7.

On the other end is a flight crew member who is part of ECHO FAST and not affiliated with your program.

Communication is 100% confidential and free of judgment or bias.


AIR FAST hotline services are not limited to critical aviation incidents, we are here to help through difficult calls, safety concerns, and various additional needs. 


We are all in this together.

Feel more comfortable emailing? Please email



The Flight Crew Assistance & Support Team (FAST) is an immediate & long-term peer support team that will provide emergency assistance to flight crew members & families in need who have been involved in a crash or significant incident. We aim to evolve in providing help with physical, emotional, & social needs that arise, as well as helping with day-to-day issues that may present following an incident. 

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